Potential Side Impacts of the Bread & Water Diet

Many weight loss plans — carb cycling, ketogenic diets, liquid diets — can be complicated, so a diet of bread and water alone may appear appealing because of its simplicity. While such a diet may create weight loss because of low calorie content, there are lots of possible unwanted side effects, as a bread and water diet wouldn’t provide balanced nourishment. Consult a physician and use your own common sense prior to starting any diet strategy.

Reduced Testosterone Levels

The foods that you eat not only have an impact in your weight, but the function of your body’s internal systems, including your endocrine system, which controls hormone creation. Bread contains almost no fat and will be rich in fiber, so a diet comprised completely of bread and water might have negative impacts on your hormone levels. According to research published in the December 1996 issue of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, have a diet rich in fiber and low in fat can reduce amounts of testosterone. This hormone helps create muscle and may help in fat reduction.


Impaired Wound Healing

Although bread does supply a few significant nutrients, it’s usually devoid of vitamin C. This nutrient functions as an antioxidant and is vital for healthy growth and development. Also, vitamin C plays an important part in the wound healing procedure, so a bread and water diet may endanger your body’s capability to treat injuries.

Eye Damage

Have a diet consisting of only water and bread may also impair your eyesight. This is because neither water nor bread supply vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for a broad variety of functions, including keeping the lining of your eyes that keeps out harmful bacteria. You may even experience night blindness, as too little vitamin A can dry out your eyes and result in damage to your cornea and retina

Increased Risk of Infection

Have only bread and water may allow you to be a lot more prone to diseases. This is because both vitamins A and C — vitamins not supplied by bread — are included in preserving the integrity of your own immune system. Even comparatively innocuous diseases may become serious health problems because of your endangered capability to fight off diseases.

Poor Bones

Eating a diet of only bread and water may be harmful for your skeletal system. It is because vitamin C helps produce collagen, which forms part of your bone structure. Also, bread contains no vitamin D, and low amounts of the vitamin can result in osteoporosis.

Lousy Skin and Hair Health

Neither bread nor water are rich in dietary fat. While dietary fat is occasionally avoided on diets since it’s full of calories, doing this can be harmful. Your body requires fat to keep your skin and hair health, so a diet low in fat may be harmful for both.